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After Google’s Pixel now iPhone 7 to be launched in Feb 2017

Image Source: hindustantimes
Image Source: hindustantimes

Microsoft sold out its Nokia’s branding rights to HMD Global and Foxconn for $350 million after failing to make a striking business. Microsoft sold the portfolio to Foxconn after seeing a 46% drop in the phone revenue in the last quarter alone. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is out of the handset business.

According to sources from the industry and news reports , Microsoft is working on a consumer smart phone with another manufacturer. This is similar to what Google did for its Pixel with HTC. The Redmond-headquartered company is expected to release its new smart phone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February.

Led by Satya Nadella, the company is making a smart phone with another phone maker, which is likely to run on Windows 10 just like the Lumia flagship devices 950 and 950 XL phones.

Though not many details about the phone have come up but it is expected to utilize several technology features which Lumia flagship phones possessed such as clear back screens, glance screen, etc. Earlier in May the company had revealed that it will continue to support and update the Lumia devices present in the market.

Nokia is also expected to come out with new smart phones and tablets soon with 5.2/5.5 inch QuadHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 22.6 MP rear camera and 4K recording support.


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29 Nov, 2016 – 05:50pm

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