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Ravinder Chauhan

Ravinder is proficient writer in World News Day. He puts his writing skills in technology, Politics and Business. He has got 6 years of experience in IT field and has bachelor degree in Commerce. He also has NIIT programming degree. He is passionate about politics, business and controversial topics. He always wanted to become a journalist from school times. He always prefers to write about true events.


Mukesh-BhardwajMukesh Ratan Bhardwaj

Mukesh Ratan Bhardwaj is an experienced professional. Along with his creative team, he has taken initiative in the News world via World News Day. He has rich experience in the same field and holds the Master degree in Information Technology. He is also familiar with Designing/Development and languages like .net/Php etc. He is visionary professional and passionate about technology, arts and sports. He also got great skills in entrepreneurship and management


Davinder Singh

Davinder is a Writer at world News Day and based in Toronto. He has got his engineering degree in Computer Science from Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario. He got his writing skills in Religion, technology and Entertainment. He has been passionate about robotics from school times.


Dakshita Jain

Dakshita is a blogger, content developer and designer based in India. Along with that she is also a regular content developer and writer at WorldNewsbyDay.com. Being blessed with a creative flair since school days, she now holds a Bachelors degree specializing in Animation and Multimedia. She is passionate about art, paintings, blogging, reading, enjoying nature, building friendships, indulging in adventure sports, trying out new recipes and could never dream about a day without music!