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Facebook to start marking fake news due to raising criticism


Everyone’s favourite and the most popular social networking site, Facebook is going to mark fake news with the help of users and outside fact checkers. This step has been taken in response to the mounting criticism which said that fake news population on Facebook influenced the recent US elections.

The Guardian published a report about Facebook’s latest announcement this Thursday, December 15, 2016, where the company decided to take this major step in response to a huge criticism over fake news during the US election.

Now Facebook users will be able to alert Facebook about possible fake news, which the company will then get verified from its outside fact-checking organizations. Facebook is currently working with 5 such fact-checking organizations including ABC News, AP,, Politifact and Snopes. If users report astory as fake, the company will pass it on to these third party organizations to check.

If the story fails to pass through the fact check, it will be marked as ‘disputed by third party fact-checkers’. You will then be able to click on a link to understand why the post is disputed. Evenif you decide to share the disputed story, such stories would appear lower in the newsfeed.

Facebook says, “It is important for us to show stories that are authentic and meaningful.”

Facebook won’t be paying the fact-checking organizations for this service.

Activist and journalist Daniel Sieradski is also in favour of Facebook’s announcement. It would be great to flag fake stories and prevent them from trending in the feed on Facebook so that they would not get read more or shared more despite of being inaccurate.

The rise of fake news on social media is a concern that has to be dealt with so this kind of a step is actually good.


Article By: Dakshita

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20 DEC, 2016 – 12:35pm

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