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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wants his company to be back into China



Image Source: Bloomberg
Image Source: Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the only person whose mother would want him to pay attention to Facebook. And why not? After all, it’s his company that he needs to build and expand and connect as many people as possible! So, what is Zuckerberg up to these days?

Well, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is trying his best to get Facebook back into China. He offered the Chinese President Xi Jinping the chance to name his first child, which he declined. He also launched another charming push that included learning Mandarin. According to reports by the New York Times, Mark’s company has developed tools that can prevent sensitive posts from appearing in Facebook feeds in ‘specific geographic areas’.

Facebook is actually hunting for its next billion users, which it could get from China. But even if the new tools launched by Facebook fail to convince the Chinese government then it would be difficult for Facebook to get China’s 700 million internet users. The Chinese people have plenty of social networks of their own, most of which are more advanced and more convenient. So, Facebook has very little chance of getting into the business there.

But Facebook is still very much interested in China.

In 2008, Facebook launched a Chinese-language version through which it managed to lure 285,000 members out of the vast internet population of over 225 million here, according to China’s Real Time report. At that time too, the other platforms like Tencent’s QQ were signing up tens of millions. And then next year China’s government blocked Facebook.

Tencent’s WeChat was released in 2011 like just another social network but it soon transformed into much more. WeChat started offering a free video-chat system, a taxi-hailing service, a bill-paying portal and a vast shopping environment. WeChat now has over 700 million users with almost everyone from China’s internet users and more people from overseas.

Facebook only has a chance with the people who had worked with the west in the past and want to stay connected. Still Facebook wants to target the Chinese market, where technology and social media are evolving rapidly.

Zukerberg is trying to create a politically neutered site which will be focused on celebrities and short videos because he thinks this can capture the attention of Chinese people and Facebook can get back into China.

Article By: Jagdeep

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26 Nov, 2016 – 11:37am

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