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Ghost of a Young Girl Spotted on Road; a car drives through her body


A very strange thing happened in Mexico on September 18. CCTV camera has caught the ghost of a young girl standing in the middle of the zebra crossing at Paseo de la Reforma in the Mexico city.

The on road surveillance camera has captured the moment wherein a spirit appears to materialize out of nowhere in the middle of a zebra crossing. The video footage of the same is going viral with different people talking different things seeing the spectre emerge out of nowhere.

The images captured by the surveillance camera first shows a suspicious shadow, which then became clearer and appeared to be the spirit of a young girl.

The spirit was captured standing in the middle of the road when a car comes closer to it, totally unaware of the weird spectre.

Another strange thing about this incident is that the strange spirit type image has been caught only on one of the security cameras present at the location. The rest of the cameras have no sign of it.

This whole incident is believed to be of September 18 at 2:20a.m. in Paseo de la Reforma in the Mexico City.
The video spotting the spirit moment has been viewed over 359,500 times on YouTube till now, where the car appears to drive right through the body of the young girl’s ghost. Many people claimed to have witnessed similar phenomenon.

However, some say that the video has been forged and has no connection with reality.
What do you think? Was it a ghost? Or just some air particles shaped that way? Do you believe in spirits or do you not?

Article By: Ravinder

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21 Sep, 2016 – 10:55Pm

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