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Indian Diamond Tycoon Finances Wedding of 236 Fatherless Brides and Performs Kanyadaan


An Indian diamond tycoon, Mahesh Savani paid for a huge mass wedding in Gujarat for 236 fatherless brides. He also gave each of them gifts worth thousands of pounds.

In Indian weddings, the ritual of ‘kanyadaan’ is a very cherished one but there are many brides who don’t have a father or who belong to the very impoverished communities where they aren’t financially sound to arrange it all.

But multi-millionaire Savani has come to their rescue. Since 2008, he has paid for a total of 700 fatherless brides’ weddings.

In a lavish mass wedding organized in Surat, Gujarat, he paid for and performed the ritual of ‘kanyadaan’ for 236 fatherless brides. He gifted each of them with gold, sofas, beds, etc., worth Rs.5,00,000 (£6,000).
The brides, whose families could have never financed their weddings, got wed in the ceremony. They all consider Mahesh Savani as their foster father.

Savani reached heights in the diamond polishing industry in the city of Surat. He believes giving away the brides is a blessing from God. This mass wedding is not the first time he had done it.

Savani started this kanyadaan campaign back in the year 2008 when one of his employees died days before his daughter’s wedding.

A local TV station hired a helicopter to cover the enormous weddings with hundreds of brides in colourful sarees and elaborated jewellery.

Savani also got his own sons married at the same ceremony. Watch his son Mitul marry his bride Janki in the presence of a Hindu priest.

While the ritual of kanyadaan is followed in Hinduism, the brides who got married in the mass wedding included 5 from the Muslim community and 1 from the Christian community.
Watch out this beautifully lit mass wedding venue in Surat, Gujarat where 236 brides tied knot with their respective grooms.

Article By: Dakshita

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30 DEC, 2016 – 3:45Pm

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