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Inspirational Story of Shanti Devi, India’s only woman truck mechanic


Shanti Devi is believed to be India’s only woman truck mechanic. She says that it feels really weird to see people looking at her surprisingly, especially when she replaces tyres. She also tells that she finds no such job which only men can do or only women can do. She believes in following her heart and not remaining confined to parameters set by others.

Worldnewsbyday-Shanti-Devi-2Image Source: Gulf News

She told that she feels like a team with her husband, Ram Bahadur. It is easy for her to handle her job as well as household duties, side by side. She says she feels equal comfort in cooking for the family and working on the sewing machine as she feels when she fixes a punctured tyre at our workshop. Her workshop is at – AW-7, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar (SGTN), Delhi, India.

SGTN is a large area; spread over 75 acres of land. It is also reportedly the largest trucking stopover point in Asia. According to stats, more than 70,000 trucks are parked here at any given time and around 20,000 trucks pass by from here every single day. In the same area, Shanti Devi and her husband started their business with a tea shop.

Their tea shop was a success because of the perfect location. Their duo found the location an ideal place for opening a workshop as well. And they did. Shanti Devi shares that initially men would stare at her, wondering what she was doing in a profession that is stereotypically meant for men. But things have changed now. Now many women are joining their husbands’ businesses and becoming a helping hand.


Image Source: Gulf News

Shanti says that she learnt everything about automobiles by observing her husband and other mechanics. Now, she knows a lot about the same. In fact, she is a better mechanic than most men today. Shanti Devi believes that a woman can do any job if she has a passion for it.

Her words are an inspiration. All you need is real passion and hard work to accomplish any task. So, what are you thinking of? Go and chase your dreams now…


Article By: Sonam

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24 April, 2016 – 05:47pm

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