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Is it true that Earthquakes Occur at Places Where Something Wrong Happens with People or Nature?


The magnitude of the destruction caused by recent earthquake in Nepal has shocked the entire world. Thousands of people have lost their lives and even more have suffered serious physical injuries as well as huge financial losses. A disaster this huge makes one wonder whether it is just a random incident or is it God’s way of punishing us for some wrong doing. As humans we are supposed to be the most sophisticated and intellectual beings on planet earth. But do we actually live up to that reputation? The answer is without doubt a definite no. We indulge in so much wrong doings and such malicious activities that won’t even ever occur to animals. We have harmed this planet and the creatures living on a humungous scale. Therefore, it is not at all strange to think that Mother Nature and the God who has created it all would get back at us in an attempt to teach us a lesson.

In case of Nepal, the earthquake that rocked the entire nation and created such great havoc can be linked to Gadhimai festival. This festival is held every five years in Nepal and each time thousands of animals are slaughtered in an attempt to appease Gadhimai, the Goddess of power. Though the intentions of the people who take part in this sacrificial ritual might be purely religious, the act itself is nothing more than a revelation of human cruelty and what it is doing to this world. Which God would be happy with someone who is killing the creatures created by him in thousands? Can the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit this small hilly nation be seen as a message from God to stop this bloody and inhuman practice?

Nepal isn’t the only example that one can quote this regard. In fact, if you take a look at some of the most earthquake prone regions in the world it would surely make you think if earthquakes occur mostly at those places where something wrong happens with people or nature. China is a country where people believe in the philosophy that everything that moves can be eaten and they actually eat everything including even insects. Take China for example, which is one of most natural disasters affected nations in the world. Five of the world’s ten deadliest natural disasters have occurred in China. Besides earthquakes, this nation is frequently plagued by floods as well. Every year millions of people are affected by natural disasters in China. In my opinion, this happens because nature is trying to tell Chinese people to change their eating habits.

Everyone is aware of what ISIS is doing in Syria and besides the killings by terrorists this country is also notorious for rampant human rights violations. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to you that Syria is frequently plagued by earthquakes, draughts, and floods. Japan, which is one of the most industrialized nations in the world, is also one of the most earthquake prone regions in the world. In its quest for material development, Japan has greatly mistreated its environment and that is the reason why it has to face the wrath of nature. Even the United States of America, widely considered as the most powerful nations in the world has not been immune to the consequences of its actions.

U.S. has a large atheist population which does not believe in God at all. A large majority of even those who take part in religious activities do it as a mere formality and do not really believe in God. This country also has a reputation for meddling into other countries’ affairs which have lead to wars in the past resulting in loss of numerous human lives. Consequently, this nation frequently suffers destruction in the form of earthquakes as well as tornadoes which take numerous lives almost every year. God in his own way is trying to tell us that mistreatment its creations will not be tolerated and if we keep on going along the wrong path that we have chosen then we will be severely punished and might even be totally eradicated from the face of earth. Thus, it is in our own interest to listen to these signs and change our ways for better before it is too late.

Article By: Mukesh

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24 June, 2015

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