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Lionel Messi not getting proper care from Barcelona; like seriously?

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Despite his recent flamboyant trick with his hair turning blonde we still love Lionel Messi to bits. But we would have been far happier if Barcelona hadn’t used him for full 90 minutes in the match against Uruguay. No doubt they won the match with his goal but a groin injury is indeed a groin injury. Everyone who knows the “s” of sports or has some knowledge of football would know that a groin injury takes more than 3 weeks to heal completely. On this, some even say that the way Barcelona treats Lionel Messi is quite ‘strange.’ According to Argentina’s national coach Edgardo Bauza, Messi the star player needs some serious care especially after this particular injury that he just suffered.
This apparently has caused a stir among Messi’s fans as well. A lot of them too agree that their favourite football star deserves the star treatment that he is entitled to and rightly so. According to reports, the Ballon d’Or holder has been ruled out since he suffered a recurring groin injury during the 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. It will be a good 3 weeks before he can return.

This incident could prove to be a major setback both for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. The ruling is in and contrary to it a groin injury is not that easy to heal. This has ruled Lionel Messi out of Argentina’s upcoming matches as well. Yes, the South American World Cup qualifiers are in tow and they are going to be playing against Peru and Paraguay but we might miss our footballer star there.

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What is a known fact is that Messi has suffered similar injuries in the past as well, during the last international break to be exact. Bauza claims that strangely enough, the Barcelona team makes him play through the injury which is very much responsible for aggravating the problem. He also worries that such continuous avoidance of the problem might take the injury to a level from where there would be no turning back. It is not a matter of a few weeks and everybody knows that and agrees with Bauza that the Barcelona team should give Messi a proper rest time. Team managers have to be responsible enough to assess the condition of a player to know when to say “stop, take a breather.” And when it is Messi we are talking about, no one is allowed to mess with his fitness!

Article By: Ravinder

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25 Sep, 2016 – 02:40Pm

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