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Maria Sharapova returns to court after two years, tennis fans rejoice


Maria Sharapova back

Sharapova, the Russian tennis star, after being suspended from international sports has won a partial victory in the case. Tuesday saw her appealing her two-year suspension for a doping violation and as it turns out, her “sentence” away from tennis would be reduced by nine months.

The ruling came from the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Yes, so all the Maira Sharapova fans have something to be excited about in the coming year. They announced that the original penalty was a bit too harsh on her considering that she had unintentionally committed this infraction which after all was not that heinous a crime. Sharapova, 29, had tested positive for meldonium in her system, a heart medication that was just banned by the anti-doping regulators, at the Australian Open in the month of January.

Meldonium is believed to improve blood circulation and accelerate recovery while training. It was not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency until 2016 and at the time Sharapova was unaware as to the use of the drug being restricted in international sports. According to the reports, she had indeed been taking the medication since the year 2006 to treat an array of health problems.

Sharapova after publicly disclosing the unintentional violation in March was rendered ineligible for international competition thereof. This happened just days after she had privately been notified of the test results. But everything is all well for her and her fans all over the world since now she can return to international competition. The International Tennis Federation even announced the date which is April 26, 2017 which is again in time for the French Open and Wimbledon. What the earlier ruling intended for her was beyond any player’s worst dreams but now instead of Jan 25 2018, she will  be returning much sooner and reinstate her glory.

Even some companies like Nike and many other reputed brands have expressed support for Sharapova. The five-time Grand Slam champion seems to have more fans than we can imagine. Brands such as Porsche held a rather diplomatic stand on this part by saying that they would wait until the court’s ruling was delivered. This ruling has a very substantial effect on Maria as it would highly influence the company’s decision to whether to continue their relationship or not. According to reports, Sharapova was quoted saying, “I’ve gone from one of the toughest days of my career to now, one of the happiest days.”

Article By: Jagdeep

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06 Oct, 2016 – 01:40am

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