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Motivational story of a Muslim girl who lost both her legs in train mishap and is now a doctor


This is the story of Raushan Jawwad, a resident of Jogeshwari, who lost both her legs in a train mishap in 2008 and had to deal with her fate and inflexible administration system of the country. Eight years after that accident, she has now finally managed to secure a first class in her final MBBS examination eight years.

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Losing both her legs was itself a big misery. But it was not the only thing that tried to hold her back. The nation’s bureaucracy also left no chance of pulling her back from the journey of her dream to be a doctor. The system practices a rule that says any person who is ‘up to 70% handicap’ is permitted to study medicine but Raushan was found to be 88% handicapped after her accident. She had to fight her case in the Bombay High Court to get permission to study medicine as the government found her unfit for this course even after she had cleared the entrance exam.

Raushan has always been a bright student. She scored over 92.15% in her Class X exams in 2008. In the same year, she lost her legs after being pushed out of a crowded local train near Andheri on October 16, 2008. That day she had been returning home after writing her exam at Bandra’s Anjuman-i-Islam Girl’s college. She lost balance and then her legs as they came under the moving train. The other passengers pulled the chain and she was taken to Millat Nursing Home where the TOI team had also visited her the day after the accident.

This Tuesday the KEM Hospital and College student, Raushan has finally achieved some serious success. She sounded relived and happy as she speaks to the journalist this Wednesday about her journey. Raushan mentions that she had to fight a financial as well as a legal battle for her education. She had to make it to several hearings at the court before Chief Justice Mohit Shah finally directed her college to induct her saying, “When she can come all the way to court, why do you think she won’t be able to come to the class?”.

She also says that her orthopedic surgeon Dr Sanjay Kantharia also helped her like she was his own daughter. She did not have to drop out. She used to study at home and then appear for exams. She also cleared the state’s medical entrance exam, MHCET. But then she had to go to the JJ Hospital to be checked for her handicapped percentage, which came out to be 88% and she was denied admission.

While mentioning the ones who have been with her through her tough times, she mentions the name of MLA Ameen Patel. She told that Ameen Patel visited her in hospital and offered to pay her college fees. He financed her entire education.

On the other hand, all her classmates, professors and senior doctors in the college coordinated really well. They never made her feel like a handicapped or disabled person.

Raushan thanks all of them.

She belongs to a financial unstable family. Her father, Jawwad Shaikh, sells vegetables near Ismail Yusuf College in Jogeshwari. She is the third child among four siblings. But now she has made her parents proud and is now ‘mentally prepared for a PG course’.

We wish Raushan all the luck for her future plans!


Article By: Dakshita

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13 April, 2016 – 11:00pm

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