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PM Narendra Modi gets threat message via a Pigeon near Indo-Pak border


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Remember ‘Kabootar ja ja ja’ song from Salman Khan’s debut movie ‘Maine Pyar Kia’? Well, some of you may still remember the next line of this song which says ‘Pehle pyar ki pehli chithi, saajan ko de aa!’ Those were the times when pigeons carried love messages but now there is a twist in the tale as a pigeon has been taken into custody which was carrying life-threatening message for India’s PM Narendra Modi. The grey pigeon was captured near Pakistan border and the message lying in its neck carried reference to 1971 war between the two countries.

This pigeon was found at Pathankot, the same city of Punjab which was the target of one of the worse terrorist attacks of 2016. The memories of terrorist attacks at Pathankot’s military base have come alive with this pigeon’s arrival. The pigeon was reported to be carrying a letter written in Urdu. The actual text of the letter is yet not disclosed. However, as told by Narot Jaimal Singh police station (Pathankot) Ramesh Kumar, who has been given the custody of pigeon, “The pigeon was carrying the letter when it was found and we are investigating the matter.”
Well, this is not the first time that our PM Modi has received threat message. Another unconventional technique of sending threat message was through Gas balloons which were found at Ghesal village in Dinanagar of Gurdaspur. Even they carried threat messages written in Urdu and targeted at PM Modi.
Unofficial sources have quoted the message text to be saying that Modi should not under-estimate Pakistan as the country and its people are not same as they were in 1971. The threat was clearly visible in the words – “Now each and every child is ready to fight against India.” This note is assumed to be coming from another terrorist group based in Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba, one of the largest and most active terrorist organizations responsible for 2001 parliament attack in New Delhi. It is worth mentioning that LeT has been designated as a terrorist Organization by the United States on 26 December 2001, by Australia in 2003 and of course by India as well.

Two things are very clear from this pigeon’s message –

•    Terrorists organizations based in Pakistan are frustrated with Indian Army’s surgical strikes and doing their best to express their anger.

•    War or no war, Pakistan and its terror groups would not change their ways.

Don’t we wish we can track back the location of sender of this pigeon with some digital technology!


Article By: Davinder

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5 Oct, 2016 – 01:45am

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