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Radhika Apte Slams Reporter Who Tries to Defame Her for her Leaked Sex Scene



Radhika Apte’s has lost her cool in an event when a reporter tried to shame her for recently leaked video controversy of her film ‘Parched’.

She was asked if she feels comfortable of her leaked video as a film promotion and if it describes her an actress who tries to break the leg through controversy.

The response of Apte made it sounded like she was prepared for those kind of questions and pounced as it was thrown to her. Born in Pune, and made her film debut in a Bengali film Antaheen, Parched Star was all geared up with the wise choice of words to shut down the trollers and haters during the film event.

She blamed media and reporters to making leaked scenes as a controversy. Just for the TRP, they burned every bit of the leaked content to gain maximum TRP and trashed her image as an actress. It wasn’t intentionally done, but media manipulated it according to what they think was necessary.

Furthermore, she told reporter to come out of his cocoon and see how the artists around the world are so comfortable with their bodies and comfortably doing so. And, if he would have noticed others, he would not ask those question to her. Apte was clearly furious on the questions, which can clearly get her into trouble because Bollywood can be a nightmare.

Her anger didn’t’ stop her and she told reporter to look into the mirror once. He’s shaming her because he’s not comfortable with his own body and pouring out hate, simply to show his high level of intellect.

Parched released on 23rd Sept. and so far, the film has got mixed response from the critics as well from the audience.

Article By: Jagdeep

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08 Oct, 2016 – 01:05am


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