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Russia extends helping hand to Israel by sending 2 Firefighting Planes

Image Source: Sputniknews
Image Source: Sputniknews

According to a report published by Sputnik International , Russia is extending a helping hand to Israel on its request. On behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Emergencies Ministry sends two BE-200ChS amphibious aircraft to Israel along with a task force to extinguish wildfires.

Two BE-200 firefighting planes will help in extinguishing wildfires, told the ministry. Russia will help Israel fight forest fires at the request of PM Benjamin Netanyahu , who had a word with Russian President Putin over phone to ask for help in battling the wildfires.

The Beriev BE-200 aircraft is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft, well-suited for firefighting missions. The aircraft has been designed by BerievAircraft Company and has been manufactured by Irkut. It has a capacity of 12 tons of water or up to 72 passengers, which make it fit for fire fighting, search and rescue operations, maritime patrol, cargo and passenger transportation.

PM Netanyahu has thanked President Putin for his assistance.

Article By: Mukesh

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26 Nov, 2016 – 11:29am

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