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Scientists Discovered 55 Lakes in Eastern Antarctica


science2You Thought the Ice Shelves in Eastern Antarctica were Frozen? Guess What – That’s NOT True!

Eastern Antarctica isn’t as solid as we think of it to be. Considered to be the coldest place on earth, Eastern Antarctica has almost all of its part covered in thick sheets of permanent ice. But according to the latest reports published at Business Insider, some scientists’ research shows that this might not remain true for long.

2-Mile-Wide-Crater on the Cost of East Antarctica

A team of scientists have witnessed a mysterious 2-mile-wide-crater on the Roi Baudouin ice shelf on the coast of East Antarctica. this crater was so huge that somewhere in 2015, experts thought that a meteor impact had created the crater. But then the research team found out that it was because of a meteor impact.

The Reason Behind the Crater was Much More Shocking!

Instead of a Space Rock, the team of scientists researching on the cause of the crater found that there were large lakes and rivers flowing on the surface of East Antarctica. The scientists came across huge cracks in the so called ‘thick sheets of permanent ice’ with liquid water running in. Also, they spotted giant lakes underneath the ice.

55 Lakes and Multiple Rivers in Total


The team discovered a total of 55 lakes and multiple rivers. These multiple water bodies suggest that the crater was a result of the weakening ice shelf due to the water flowing underneath the ice.

The research published in the esteemed journal Nature Climate Change suggests that the ice shelves of Eastern Antarctica are not that strong to deal with the climbing global temperatures when compared to that of Western Antarctica or Greenland. Read more from the lead scientists of this research Jan Lenaerts and Stef Lhermitte.


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16 DEC, 2016 – 04:20pm

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