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Sex traffickers stole Canadian daughters


Sex traffickers are targeting indigenous Canadians. According to reports by CNN, more than half of all sex trafficking victims in Canada are indigenous people. The sole reasons for the same are poverty, racism and abuse.

Lauren, a victim of the same speaks about her painful story. Lauren Chopek says that for a very very long time, she used to blame herself and feel dirty about how she let them do all that to her. When talking about her dreadful story, Lauren was all in tears. But now she knows that if someone should be guilty it is her perpetrators.

Lauren was just 14 when she was sexually exploited and trafficked for sex in her hometown Winnipeg. She then escaped to live on streets and then moved to the Ma Mawai in Manitoba.

The native Canadian population is very small say, just 14% of the total people living in Canada. Still over 50% of all sex trafficking victims in the country are native.

Image Source: CNN
Image Source: CNN

Diane Redsky runs Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre that helps Canada’s indigenous women and children, especially the victims of sex trafficking. The centre runs a rural healing lodge where Lauren Chopek also stayed.

Redsky says that it gets very difficult to fight the entire society which is targeting Canadian women and girls.

Another girl Tanay Little was exploited on the streets around her family’s home in Winnipeg when she was just 11. Little does not remember much as some girl who pretended to be her friend drugged her. She remembers very little where she explained two boys had sex with her. One would come in, have sex and then the other one would come in.

If she denied having sex, she would be beaten up. Or, a few of them would rape her at once. The girls who are trafficked must hand debt bondage of $1000-$2000 to their trafficker.

Fighting sex trafficking on the roads of Winnipeg is tough. The law enforcement officers and Winnipeg Police stand on the streets to counter sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Article By: Jagdeep

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14 DEC, 2016 – 05:55pm

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