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Sushma Swaraj Speech at UN Garners Contempt for Terrorist Producing Nations like Pakistan


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Sushma Swaraj is known for her assertive and precise arguments and thus who better to raise this issue at an international platform like this? Today our Minister of External Affairs got the opportunity to speak her mind in front of the world on an issue that is the most aching for the entire world. The United Nations General assembly was telecast live from New York to countries across the globe.

She started in Hindi with a Namaskar that made all of us feel elated and proud to be an Indian. Swaraj pointed out poverty as being the biggest problem that the world is plagued with, followed by gender inequality which needs to be addressed as well. She also stressed on many ongoing campaigns that have met with positive response in India like maintenance of sanitation and “Beti bachao beti padhao abhiyan” to name a few. She also mentioned environmental change being a big issue and therefore presented India as a huge advocate of Climate Justice and pointed out that we seek technological and financial aid from developed countries to contribute to it.

It was not many words that we had to strain through before she reached the biggest pain point of the moment – terrorism! Starting to talk about this sensitive issue by mentioning the 9/11 attack anniversary was the perfect way to hit the right nerve. She did get numerous applauses at many significant points that she put unlike Nawaz Sharif’s speech that was a tiresome attempt at gathering attention. Sushma Swaraj was firm and aggressive enough to get her points duly noted and stated quite clearly and calmly that terrorists are everyone’s problem. Incidents like Kabul, Dhaka, Pathankot, Syria and Uri are examples of the biggest human rights violation that is being perpetuated by none other than Pakistan.

She also stated in clear words that ISIS has grown bigger than we can imagine and with its countless hands and limbs it is reaching out to every corner of the world. The strongest point that she gave was of boycotting the countries that do not support this movement against terrorism. She said that those nations should be held responsible as those attackers of humanity are allowed to address people, take out rallies, organize events and give misguiding speeches on their soil.

Sushma Swaraj also showed her keen concern over the fact that if we do not do something concrete now, our coming generations will never forgive us. Swaraj spoke about the Kashmir issue like no other Indian politician has ever done before. She broke away from the Nehruvian approach and clarified India’s stand on Kashmir on an international podium, saying that it is and will remain an inseparable part of India despite countless efforts of Pakistan to spread terror in the valley. No banter and no tact by Pakistan will separate Kashmir from us and it will remain that nation’s unfulfilled dream forever, she said. Swaraj tactfully pointed out time and again that combined effort only can and will define this century’s fate and we all have to join hands.

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26 Sep, 2016 – 10:57pm

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