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China to support Pakistan against India, says Li Keqiang

Once again, China and Pakistan have emerged as a Terrific Terrorist Team as global media quotes Chinese Premier Li Keqiang saying, “We Support Pakistan at every forum.” The message is clear here – China has vowed to support Pakistan through thick and thin, and very much against India! Pakistan has ...

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India in talks with the United States to purchase Predator drones, has eye on China, Pakistan

                                                                                                   Image source: Reuters   If you hear officials, India is in talks with the United States to buy 40 Predator surveillance drones. This is going to be the first step towards obtaining the armed version of aircraft. If this works out the way it seems, it is most likely ...

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Parents in China abandoned their disabled children

In China, the number of disabled children that are being left in orphanages is increasing with time. Recently, after several years of waiting, one of China’s children named JiaJia, who is paralyzed from the waist down, is being adopted. But there are still hundreds of such children who aren’t as ...

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India has eased the visa process for Iranians

According to reports published by Economic Times, India has eased the visa process for Iranians after Indian PM Modi promised this to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. This is a step taken in hope of easing Western sanctions against Tehran. Some countries are kept under the list of restricted prior ...

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